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Owdimeo deploys Moneo Resto's native mobile applications.

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Mobile technologies have altered the media landscape irrevocably, creating opportunities for companies and customers around the world. They are, in essence, transforming industries and changing the world. Companies must take advantage of this mobile mind shift and capitalize on the opportunities it brings, or risk becoming irrelevant to their customers. Owdimeo Mobility services empower clients to embrace mobility as a transformational power to deliver real business growth.

We’ve built a solid experience in custom application development, working with companies from various industries to turn ideas into successful products.

Our team brings together the right blend of skills and technologies required to address the challenges and opportunities of your business going mobile.


  • Benchmark Study and Project Management
  • UX and design
  • Monitoring & Analysis


  • Native Development (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Web-app Development (iOS, Android, Windows)


  • Mobile websites Development
  • Responsive Design

Our Approach

Owdimeo Mobility services are based on solid industry insights and deep technology capabilities. We help clients achieve growth and efficiency as they adopt the move to a mobile business.

Our Solutions


Mobile Strategy

Why are we building this?

Companies should build their mobile strategy based on the entire customer experience and not just features or functions. A strategy roadmap helps you see the whole picture so that you can capitalize on evolving user behavior. Our team works with you to define and deliver your mobile vision, giving you the means to move forward confidently. A typical strategy engagement deliverables include:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Mobile KPIs
  • Capabilities Requirements
  • Technology Audit
  • Budgets and Timelines

Mobile Design

Design makes all the difference

The goal of the user experience and graphic design phase is to deliver an application that is beautiful, helpful and intuitive. Owdimeo works with you to understand your customers’ mobile behaviours and design the mobile experience that will match your objectives with their motivations and needs. Through a series of wireframes and interface design stages, you are able to visualize the app’s prototype and contribute to its development before finalization.

  • UX Research
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Prototypes
  • Usability Testing

Native App Development

Full Immersion Experiences

By taking full advantage of the operating system they are built on, native apps are able to drive highly immersive mobile experiences. That is why our designers and developers custom build apps for iOS, Android and Windows individually. The result is an application that is optimized for speed and performance across multiple devices.

  • Apple
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows

Web & Hybrid App Development

At Owdimeo, our experience designing and developing a multitude of apps helps us determine if a Web or Hybrid App is the way forward, or if your objectives would be better met by building a Native app from the ground up.

Mobile Commerce

As mobile browsing continues to increase, e-merchants are forced to provide a stellar mobile experience for their customers or risk jeopardizing the success of their online store. Customers use mobile devices throughout the buying process, whether to research products or to make a purchase. A customized mobile experience must work in tandem with the store’s online presence to achieve success. Our experts work with you to optimize your content and your back-end systems for mobile delivery.

Mobile App Analytics

Tracking performance plays a key role in building a successful mobile application. Using Google Analytics Mobile Apps SDKs and other tools we shed light on key metrics: How many people are using the app? How are they interacting with it? How can we optimize their experience? Which features should we focus on? Which users should we emphasize? By measuring and iterating on application usage, we can continuously work towards a better user experience, ultimately delivering better results.


Our References



Co-branded with MasterCard, the leading meal voucher smartcard Moneo Resto offers numerous advantages for restaurants, companies and employees alike: Immediate and automatic payment, attractive pricing policy, lower management, easy implementation… User friendly, economical and reliable the card opens a new era in the sector of restaurants vouchers’ dematerialization, a market of 5,5 billion euro.

Owdimeo developed the digital ecosystem of the brand that constitutes the backbone of Moneo Resto’s digital strategy: A website that serves the needs of different target audiences, and native mobile applications to drive higher results. By delivering a unified customer experience across multiple platforms, Moneo Resto was able to affirm and consolidate its leadership.


Available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, the app is at the center of the company’s marketing plans, building bonds with customers wherever they are. It plays a key role in increasing users’ loyalty and expanding the reach of the card among its target audience.


Users of the Moneo Resto Card can download the application to take full advantage of the card:

  • Check their balance and their voucher’ value
  • Stop their card immediately in case of theft
  • Calculate and share the bill with their friends
  • Suggest their favorite restaurants...






Mystera is a swiss magazine tackling holistic health and spiritual wellbeing. The brand needed to go beyond the limits of its print magazine and extend its reach to the digital world.


In parallel to building its website, Owdimeo worked with Mystera to develop a new income stream for the brand by allowing readers to buy digital magazine issues wherever they are.

With the development of its iPad application, Mystera’s readers can now purchase issues of their favorite magazine anytime and anywhere.

The application gives readers the ability to quickly and easily search for and download past and current issues of the print magazine on their iPad. Users can customize their reading environment with music and graphics of their choice, and store their magazine offline. Additional app functionality allows users to zoom in, bookmark or skip pages. The “flip” 3D effect introduced to the app gives it a unique feel that mimics the experience of reading the print magazine.

The app is hybrid in nature but is built to be downloaded on the iPad.