Beirut Souks

Project Description

Beirut Souks is a unique commercial district in Beirut Central District. With over 200 shops and department stores, it is Beirut's largest shopping area. Reconstructed by Solidere, Beirut Souks regained its past glory and emerged as one of the most dazzling shopping centers in the world.

Beirut Souks needed to create a multi-channel experience as a way to engage with its customers and dive traffic to the shops - a virtual experience that linked the offline to the online, appeal to a younger audience and yet retain its rich heritage.

Working with the brand for over 5 years, Owdimeo created a unique online presence through a best-of-breed website where users spent an average of 4 minutes engaging with the shops’ collections and sharing on social media. The online experience was later deployed to become a multi-platform mobile application.

Project Details

Client: Solidere


  • Mobile Applications